Remember me in the family tree. My name, my days, my strife; Then I'll ride upon the wings of time and live an endless life. - Linda Goetsch

Greetings!  I am delighted to have you visit my Markham of Chesterfield Blog.  My name is Pamela Sue Hutchison Garrett, and I have been researching on Markham, and allied surnames, for almost forty years.  This Blog is a companion site to my Markham of Chesterfield database website.

The Markham of Chesterfield database website sets out, in orderly fashion, the ancestors and descendants of John Markham of Chesterfield county Virginia.  He is my 6xgreat-grandfather.  I chose him as the centerpiece of this Markham story, because he was that adventurous ancestor who brought my Markham family across the ocean to America.  Besides the vital statistics, the database website includes stories, photographs, biographies, social history sketches, and documents, both original and transcribed. 

The Markham of Chesterfield Blog will serve a slightly different purpose than the database website.  The ancestor stories here will be relatively brief and focused.  They might tell about a family home, a quirky character trait, or a historic event.  The postings might introduce a compelling or amusing story that I have come across in my years of research.  

This Markham family seems an ordinary family.  But, when their stories are thoughtfully considered, their lives take on an extraordinary cast.    If you enjoy the stories and want to know more about how they relate to your own ancestral past, be sure to visit the Markham of Chesterfield database website

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Pam Garrett
March 2015
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